About Kelle and Nina

We understand the mom struggle - we’re both moms, as well as coaches. We've coached dozens of women and moms over the years and discovered that while moms are all "fine," they're wanting and worthy of so much more. 

We've been there, too. We met at preschool drop-off, each with two young kids in tow; seemingly fine, busy and self-assured moms, but underneath we were struggling. We were frenzied and burning out - we weren't taking time for ourselves. Our kids, spouses and families were suffering. We were suffering.

Until we made the decision to stop taking our place at the back of the line. 

Our Credentials

Kelle and Nina are both credentialed health and wellness coaches. Kelle is certified through Institute of Integrative Nutrition. At IIN, she studied over 100 dietary theories, and learned from top Nutrition experts including Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. David Katz, and Deepak Chopra to name a few. After gaining experience as a health coach, she continued her studies at Robbins-Maddanes Training, earning her certification as a Strategic Intervention and Life Coach. She’s a mom, wife, yoga instructor, foodie, and sun seeker.

Nina is a certified health and wellness coach through Wellcoaches School of Coaching, a first-mover in coaching science with a completely evidence-based curriculum (yes, her methods are scientifically proven to work!). She’s an expert facilitator of mindset and behavior change that generates long term healthy lifestyles. Nina is also a certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach through ACLM (American College of Lifestyle Medicine). She’s a mom, wife, skier, biker, nature-lover and explorer.

Kelle and Nina live in Park City, Utah with their families.

Yell Less. Play More. Be Grateful.


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