It’s time we get real with you [Part 1]

The whole reason we became coaches? We were sick. We were trying to fix ourselves.

Both of us.

Yes, we met years ago at preschool drop-off, and yes, we were both frenzied, overwhelmed moms, but what really brought us together was bonding over our health coaching experiences and coping with our chronic diseases.

When you have a chronic disease, there’s no cure, no finish line.

Our bodies were trying to tell us something was wrong, and we didn’t hear. We were too ‘busy’. It wasn’t until they started screaming at us, and we couldn’t ignore them anymore, that we started to listen.

We talk a lot about making room for your needs, yelling less and playing more, being grateful even on the toughest days - because we needed to do just that.

We were moms, wives, friends, sisters, daughters and humans living with chronic dis-ease, and none of that was going to go away. We needed to learn to manage the “noise” with intention and grace. 

In sharing our truths with you, we’re hoping you’ll feel less alone. We’ve been there. We are there. Every. Day. Our clients get so vulnerable with us, and it’s such an honor to work with them. It takes courage to get vulnerable. Now it’s our turn. To get really real in return. 

This is just Part I of our journey, there’s more to come, we’re still figuring out how to share the WHOLE story, but this is us, holding ourselves accountable to finishing what we’ve started here.

Stay tuned, more to come. 



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