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Introducing Ambitious-ish:
Success Without Burnout for Smart, Driven Women

Are you a high-achieving woman who is looking for more calm and balance in life, but not sure how or where to begin?

Do you want to learn to prioritize yourself and your well-being for once instead of focusing on everybody else?

Would you like to redefine success in a way that lights you up, and pursue goals that are not just impressive but meaningful?

We’re here to help. We’re Kelle & Nina, and we are certified life and professional coaches. We created this podcast to help overwhelmed, high-achieving women just like you ditch the daily overwhelm, resentment, and guilt, and live a more calm, balanced, and aligned life.

Our root-cause approach not only helps you get to the bottom of professional challenges but also personal ones - from the inside out.

Each week, we’ll share practical tips, tools, and strategies to help you feel more empowered, think on purpose, and follow through on the things you know will help you live a happier, healthier life.

New episodes are released every Tuesday, so be sure to follow the show!


To celebrate the launch of the show, we’re giving away a curated, bespoke gift box hand-picked of our favorite things to 3 lucky listeners who follow, rate, and review the show. Keep reading to learn more about the contest and how to enter!


Listen to the First Episodes:

  1. Ambitious-ish: A Different Kind of Success - Discover what’s prevented you from creating balance in your life so far and why redefining success is a decision you can make right now.

  2. Rushing: Is There Any Upside? - Find out how rushing is limiting your ability to be creative, and keeping you in a cycle of overdoing and feeling overwhelmed.

  3. How to Ask Questions That Change Everything - We share the most useful question you can ask yourself, and how asking this question gives you empowering, clear answers that will lead you to real solutions.

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We’re giving away a curated, bespoke gift box, hand-picked of our favorite things to 3 lucky listeners who follow, rate, and review the show.

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