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What Are You Hiding When You Say You’re So Busy?

Sep 17, 2019

Let’s be real, everyone’s “busy” these days.

What does  ‘busy’ really mean? 

Ticking boxes is incredibly satisfying when it’s meaningful and maps back to what’s important to us, but most of the time it’s a quick, short-lived hit of satisfaction. 

There will always be more places to go, people to see and more to-do’s on the never ending list. This cycle continues and a week has passed, then a month, then a year, and we’ll have busied our lives away.

That doesn’t really matter though, society rewards busy-ness!

Trust the hustle! Ignore the cries of your body and soul! 

TRUTH: Our busy-ness is a connection-breaker and emotion-blocker. It’s a way to numb ourselves and avoid talking about what’s really going on. 

We have to break it to you, those “busy” people aren’t organizing or prioritizing their needs and demands. They’re hiding their truths behind their busy-ness.

Our actions are either leading us closer to our goals and dreams, or they’re not. There's no middle ground. Time is of the essence, so we need to ensure our actions are leading us toward the results we want. 

Feeling rushed? Scattered? Distracted? You might need to check in with yourself. 

First step? 

Take the driver’s seat. Be intentional and aware of how you spend your most valuable resource: your time. 

Scale back your commitments today, and see how the experiences you do have become that much more rich (a new connection with a parent on the sideline, a thoughtful conversation with the barista, or the smell of the rain on the pavement on your way from here to there). 

You’ll see, this doesn’t mean less. It actually means more. More meaning, more connection, more of that feeling of really being alive.

Practice makes progress, give it a try!

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