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Are you coachable?

May 10, 2022

When you hire a coach, you want to make sure you get what you came for. It’s all about you.

But, are YOU coachable? 

Coaching isn’t about us telling you what to do and then you doing it. 

Coaching is a collab, and one of the best collabs you can invest in. 

Our job is to be a mirror to your mind. To help you see what you can’t see on your own. To hold space for your truths without judgment, and to shine a light on patterns that aren’t serving you. So you feel more kickass. 

Your job is to make use of the coaching that you receive to create value for yourself. Kickass results for yourself.

So what are the three ways our best clients set themselves up to get amazing results? 

1. They Are Open. 

When we offer coaching to a client, it’s just a lane to explore. Instead of judging, they go, I’m open to that, especially when it feels weird or different. When they’re open to it, they create possibilities and start to move the needle. 

2. They Give. 

The more our clients give us to work with - reflections, stories, needs/wants/desires/truths - the more we’re able to collaborate on. To unpack, spread out and question. The more they bring to the table, the deeper work we can do, and the higher level results they achieve. 

3. They Receive.

Being receptive is coachability. 

When clients take from us, explore and apply what we offer - when they make use of it all - they start to blow their own minds.

Like we said, coaching is a collab - and we love a kickass collab. 

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