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A bear hug.

Nov 22, 2021

Hey, you!

It’s me, 2022 You. I’m here from the future - amazing, I know!

You killed it during the holidays this year - I just want to bear hug you! 

We are so NOT bloated, hung-over, exhausted or overwhelmed right now, and it feels so kickass!  

You stayed chill, got in control, and now I can dive into 2022 with a totally different vibe. Confident, energized, un-busied and balanced. 

It wasn’t easy but you nailed it. The key? 

We started feeling more instead of eating more.

Aunt Barbara’s snarky comments, the kids behavior, the stress from work, your in-law’s passive aggressive jabs, budget drama and party after party after party...

Instead of reaching for something outside of yourself to make you feel better - wine, dessert, sneaky snacks, mindless consumption - all the things we just do...

You check in. Is that boredom? That was a common one. Anxiety? Another biggie. Insecurity or Judgement? Totally.

And you just let it all be there, acknowledged 'em - all the feels. 

And the urges for wine or food, for relief, passed by like the weather - without tacking on all the extra calories!

High fives, you! For real.

Just like you condition your body to get stronger at the gym, you can also condition your mind to make healthier choices. Your thoughts create your results. 

But you can’t go to the gym once to get strong. So let’s keep this practice up - 

To take care of yourself more by eating on purpose, check out Kelle and Nina’s mini lesson: How to Stop Overeating. 

It’s their four-step process - and as you can guess, it has nothing to do with the food on your plate. 

Grab your air pods and listen to the lesson here - it’s a video but you can just listen. It’s about 20 minutes long. 

When you feel stuck, think of me. I’m headed Back To The Future now-- and I know I can count on you! 

Bear hugs,

Future You

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