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You have a calendar, but are you calendaring?

Sep 12, 2022

Your calendar is like a mirror. It’s a sneaky way to see how you’re intentionally and unintentionally creating the life you’re living. Take a look, see for yourself.

Do you realistically, deliberately design and organize your days so you can show up as the most kickass version of yourself? Putting your energy where it’s most important?

Why not?

You already know this, but when you’re constantly stressed out, confused and defeated by your never-ending to-dos, meetings, and obligations - you aren’t calm or present, you can't superthink, make confident decisions, or manage your stress and anxiety - you’re not bringing your A-game. More often than not. 

This defeats the purpose of calendaring. 

Calendaring is self-care. It’s setting yourself up to feel safe, secure and kickass all day long by organizing your time realistically - so you can enjoy the life you work so hard to create. 

You can have the life you WANT under your current circumstances.

But Kelle and Nina, I don’t even know what that looks like anymore. 

No prob. Let’s find out. 

Let’s find out what it looks like when you show up as your best self over and over and over again - 

Let’s clear up anything on your side of the street that needs to be cleared up - instead of waiting for things to change or blaming everything around you for how you feel.

Because let’s be real, it’s not your job, it’s never your job. It’s not your obligations, it’s never your obligations. 

Tomorrow can be different. We’ll show you. 



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