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We need to check in.

Feb 29, 2020

We asked the moms in our private facebook group a few weeks ago: “If you had an extra hour in your day, what would you do with it?”

There was a time when if I found an extra hour in my day, I had no idea what I’d do with it. 

I was so used to getting things DONE, there was always something to DO. 

I kind of let go of my own stuff. My own wants and dreams and loves. Was I even allowed to need, want, dream or love? Should I? Was there really time or space for me, the mom? 

What would I savor if given one full hour?

My family, work and life admin took up most of my mental bandwidth - and I fell into a rhythm that worked. Low grade everyday stress was fine. I was fine. But what was I savoring? What lit me up? 

Wait, was I bored? 

In the interest of giving my all to everything and everyone else in my life I realized I’d closed down my connections to my own senses. I’d tuned out the world. 

I wanted to show up for my life, to participate as I chose, and experience the most of what I was capable of seeing and feeling. I needed to take care of this disinterest or boredom, before I let it over take me.

We are human be-ings, but so much of our time is spent as human do-ings.

This is us checking in on you, mom. Nudging you. Before another minute, day, week or year passes you by, check in. Check in because you need to get super clear on what you want and need in this life. Today. 

When you get out of autopilot, stop doing and focus on being, the windshield wipers of life reveal so much. 

 First Step?

We need to start minding our minds. 

Our thoughts create our actions, and our actions reflect our thoughts. So, when our minds fall into autopilot, so do we. We need to practice mindfulness. 

Check out this blog post for our Mindfulness 101. 

You’ll see how this simple practice helps manage stress and curb anxiety and overwhelm. And for us moms, stress reduction is key. Your emotional stability and calmness of mind is in your hands, and will dictate the way you respond or react to stimulation around you. 

As you turn the volume down on your reactivity, you’ll feel your happiness game uplevel in a big way. Get ready to wake up to the magic around you. Yes, magic. 

Remember, It Starts With You. 

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xo kelle and nina

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