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So, You Cried At Work.

Oct 05, 2023

She came on to the coaching call with:

I’m overwhelmed and drowning - 

I’m missing things and getting behind on things.

The volume of work I have is unreal.

I don’t have all the answers when they ask me things.

I didn't approach it with confidence. 

And, I started crying.

We coach clients on how to recover from crying at work A LOT - and with so much LOVE. We've been there: our unmanaged stress and workaholic tendencies mean emotions, and the likelihood of tears, run high. 

We used to go cry in the bathroom but now we turn off video to try to pull ourselves together - right? 

Harvard Business Review says 45% of professionals have cried at work. So why does it still stress us out (and piss us off) when we shed tears on the clock?

Because we make vulnerability mean we’re unprofessional, too emotional or weak. Cue the shame spiral.

This makes complete sense, rockstar, because when we hunted and gathered in tribes back in the day, showing too much emotion made us unreliable for survival in the tribe and therefore more susceptible to predators if we were abandoned - so we evolved to conceal any and all emotion FOR SURVIVAL. 

Over time, this might’ve looked like a parent or caregiver saying Don’t cry, Turn that frown upside down, Walk it off, Suck it up or even Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve.

And, humans socialized as women have the mindset that they HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE ALWAYS. Which creates a pressure chamber of overwhelm and stress - on the daily. 

That ragey, ticking-time-bomb feeling -- does it make a little more sense now?

We know you’re passionate, Nina. We know you’re driven and we love your ambition - but when critical feedback or setbacks start to devastate us (on repeat) it might mean we’re overly invested in the work. 

The solution here isn't to quit your job, complain to HR or go on vacay. First, we have to go inward and undo the beliefs and conditioning that are keeping you stuck in workaholic purgatory (and in tears at work). 

This is exactly what we do in our six-month coaching program. 

If you’re looking for a plan and **real time** process to help you navigate your increasingly demanding life, obligations and emotions - to actaully enjoy the life you work so hard to create. This is it.

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