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Days Of Our Lives.

May 23, 2021

Remember days of our lives? Like sand through an hour glass? Are we the only ones 🙃

Ever feel that way?

Like, you don’t have free time to do the things you want. 

Life is happening to you.

Things that aren’t optional.

You’re just responding to it all. 

For days on end?

(Can you tell we’ve been there?)

How do you get deliberate? To put yourself on your own damn to-do list? 

We spend a lot of time starting but not finishing.

Finishing requires discomfort. 

Moving through the resistance is uncomfortable. It’s hard! 

It’s just easier to eat // drink // binge Netflix // flip through social media // peep the Memorial Day sales...

Are we right?

But in going deeper, cleaning up the messy mind drama driving your actions or inaction, you give your brain evidence that it’s possible. 

These small wins pile up and change the way you see yourself and what you believe is possible for you. 

And you grow. You evolve. 

You’re on your own damn to-do list. Finally. 

Try this:

  1. Write down a list of what you want your priorities to be.
  2. Write down how you spent your day yesterday.
  3. What comes up? Just notice. 

What small shifts can you make happen this week to get into alignment? 

I will go for a walk with my fave podcast during lunch on Thursday. 


I am going for a walk with my fave podcast during lunch on Thursday.

Small shift. 

Different thoughts create different feels. 

And different results. 

You've got this. 

XO Kelle and Nina

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