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Done Energy

Aug 22, 2022

How’s your list?

When women come to us, often one of their biggest complaints is they never have enough time. They go go go all day and when it comes to their families and what’s important to them, there’s nothing left.

This is what we heard from the women we work with last week:

My list is never ending. I can’t do it all.

Everything has to be done now.

I’m backlogged on so many things.

It’s a massive list.

One client didn’t even want to look at her list.

Overwhelm ensues.

The problem with ticking boxes while feeling overwhelmed? Beside the fact it just doesn’t feel good, often it ends up not being our best work. It’s frazzled, hustle-y, ankle-biter sort of energy. It’s the opposite of calm, efficient, and creative.

As coaches, this is where we dig in. We go deep, ask questions and identify blind spots.

What exactly has to get done?  By when? What happens if it doesn’t get done?

And then we have them put together their MRP - My Results plan. It’s our unique calendaring system that literally allows our clients to plan their results ahead of time. After using this, even our busiest clients find time in their day to make it all happen and have time for themselves and their people.

Our clients do this and they get this feeling they’ve never had before.

We call it DONE ENERGY.  Because once they put it on their schedule, it's as good as done.

If you believe the goal/task/decision is DONE, take a moment and explore that in your brain - the results you want to create are just DONE.

Done energy takes you out of that frazzled, ankle-biter spinning in confusion and energy draining mind drama about how much you have to do.  Any time you’re having that type of stressful energy it’s because you’ve stepped out of done energy. 

It’s hard to do your best work (and get amazing results) in overwhelm. It’s hard to do anything well when you’re trying to do everything.

Having done energy allows clarity, confidence, and creativity.

When you have done energy, there are no more lists. There’s no energy drain trying to remember all the things, wondering how you’re ever going to get it all done.  It’s just done. And the quality of the work is that much better.

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