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Empty Carlories.

Nov 14, 2023

The jade face roller, vagus nerve pillow spray, and new XYZ laser treatment are like empty calories - they don’t deliver real, deep, life-changing nourishment.

This kind of #self-care is fun like a sugar high but it’s outward-focused and short-lived at best.

And, it’s everywhere we look: the wellness industry is worth close to $4.4 trillion - targeted largely at women. 

So when we inevitably find ourselves without the time to keep up with these kinds of self-care solutions, it’s on us, right? We’re doing something wrong because we’re not keeping up on our “self-care.” 

Here’s the thing: these methods when used alone do nothing to change the larger systems that have us craving relief in the first place. 

We dive into “wellness” without knowing that the REAL solutions need to come from within ourselves.

REAL self-care? The kind that creates boundaries, helps us make difficult decisions and shifts our relationships (including the one we have with ourselves) - is an inside job.

It’s an internal, self-reflective process - it’s self-care from the inside out. 

This internal work is exactly what we do in our six month coaching program. 

There’s nothing wrong with you, rockstar. You don’t need to be ”fixed”.

Just like you, we needed to learn how to #selfcare differently to manage our burnout, anxiety and workaholic and perfectionist tendencies. 

Boundaries, working smarter not harder, kickass relationships, more TIME and sustainable success - are all available when we learn to accept ourselves and make choices that bring us closer to ourselves. 

The big bonus here? We can maintain these results internally - not by something bought on a shelf. REAL self-care is self-driven, sourced from the inside, by YOU.

For the same amount of time you’ll spend on a manicure this week, consider hopping on a consultation call with us. We’ll open you up to clarity and support - you decide from there. 

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