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Feeling right-sized

Jun 09, 2021

And just like that, summer is here!

It feels different, right? We’re shedding ALL these layers. Showing more skin.

In more ways than one.

And now that we’re out and about in the world, there’s this self-conscious itch of not feeling quite right in our bodies. Can you relate?

It happens to ALL of us at some point. Whether it’s hormone issues at “that age”, Covid weight gain, emotional eating, or too much of a good thing...

Can we just say it? It sucks.

We love helping women feel amazing in their bodies. It’s our passion, it’s so important to us because we’ve both been there. We’ve both struggled with body image issues, often felt 'gross' from overconsuming or just feeling 'off'. We’ve even been out of control when it comes to food.

And it’s frustrating because there are so many answers out there.  To feel like we’ve tried every f’ing thing and nothing has worked.

We question how we can be these high-achieving women with these kickass lives and still struggle with weight and body issues.  We’re intelligent, and competent, and know how to get sh*t done, yet we haven’t been able to figure out how to feel good in our own damn bodies.

And then we question ourselves. As if the number on the scale is a reflection of our worth. It isn’t BTW.

I struggled with my weight all the way up through my mid-thirties (I’m fifty now). You wouldn’t know it by seeing pictures of me. I was never significantly overweight, but it doesn’t matter. It’s a feeling. If you’re not in your right-sized body, it feels terrible.

Whether that’s 10 pounds (the same 10 you’ve lost and gained back more times than you care to count), 20 pounds, or 50 pounds it’s the same awfulness.

Even though I knew all the right things to do - eat more vegetables, drink more water, stop eating so much sugar and refined carbs. All the things.

I was managing what I put in my body. But I wasn’t managing my mind.

Then I started to finally put the pieces together. Understanding how our bodies work, taking into account how our hormones shift as we age and based on what we put in our bodies.  To figure out what uniquely worked for my body and lose the weight for good.

After a lot of researching, experimenting, and failing, we’ve finally figured it out. It’s not just one thing. It’s a combination of things.

It’s managing our minds.

It’s understanding our hormones and knowing how our hormones interact with what we eat and our changing bodies as we age.

It’s discerning how our emotions play a role in our eating habits and how we never really learned how to relate to those emotions - especially the uncomfortable ones.

And it’s about listening.

Listening to our bodies so that we can recognize for ourselves what truly feeds us, what nourishes us, and what just doesn’t.

So listen, we have something for you. We made you a short 15 minute video. Click here to watch and you’ll learn:

  • Why we overeat in the first place (pssst: it’s our brain);
  • Why it doesn’t work to control your weight by beating yourself up; 
  • What does work;
  • The four step process we use with our clients to finally stop overeating and feel right-sized.

So you can finally find food freedom, step away from the weight drama, stop spending your precious time and energy thinking about food, and step into your kickass life.❤️

 P.S. This process also works if you’re over-doing anything. Drinking? Exercise? Self-shaming? Shopping? And more. Check it out by clicking here!

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