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Hey high-achievers!

Sep 29, 2022

Hey High-Achievers - 

Your thoughts can heal or hurt you - poison you, even. 

Thoughts you think on repeat rewire your brain. They create your reality. Thoughts like, 

I’m a working parent, I’m all over the place. 

I have to get it all done.

They always need me. 

I can’t enjoy anything. 

I’m always the one to repair the relationship.

It’s hard for me to be patient.

He doesn’t see the invisible load I carry. 

I’m wrecking myself with work. 

The day’s basically over when the kids get home.

I don’t have any time. 

I want to be done with it.

She’s really hard to deal with.  

We can help you rewrite these stories so you feel better in your life - even though you think they’re not stories, that they’re FACTS. That's what coaching is all about! 

We start by showing you how your thinking right now informs your life - and then how to supervise your brain and think on purpose to feel better, more kickass. 

You learn to walk yourself out of overwhelm and burnout towards connection, balance and calm. 

The coolest part? The amazing relief you feel when we help you see there’s another way to be, do and have what you want in life. No matter what’s going on around you.

And it all starts with your headspace. Your mindset. What you’re thinking. 

Here are a few thoughts that we practice (on repeat) - try them on for yourself:

"There's no upside to rushing."

"I have plenty of time."

"I'm half mess and half amazing."

"I'm a human, not a robot."

"It's okay to make mistakes. That's part of it."

"I love my body. Aging is weird. And I'm here for all of it."

"This is hard, AND I'm getting stronger from it."

“This is only the beginning.”

"How can this be easy?"

"I can feel any emotion, even the hardest to feel."

“Everything is working.”

"Of course they're acting like that. That's how they're supposed to act."

If you're ready for six months of life-changing life coaching, click here to schedule a consultation with us. We love helping smart driven women like you enjoy the life they work so hard to create. 

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