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High achievers, listen up

busy choose you Jun 28, 2021

We see you. Out there kicking ass and over-delivering for everyone else. And then when it comes to yourself? Crickets.

But you don’t understand. 

I have to. 

If I don’t do it it doesn’t get done. Or it doesn’t get done right.

Our life is non-stop.

I don’t have a spare moment.

We’re comin’ at you with a little tough love on this one. You don’t HAVE to do everything.

We’re gonna repeat that to make sure you hear it…

You don’t have to do it all. Whatever it is. Especially if it means shelving your own needs to make it happen.

Overwhelm is real.  Burnout if real.  It comes from every angle.

The kids need you.

The love of your life (yeah, that one you spend your life with) needs you.


The lacrosse team. And soccer.


Our aging parents.

The gardening club.

The niece that just graduated.

It’s f’ing exhausting.

And then 10 years go by and you’re like, wait what happened? Or worse, you get sick and all of that doing suddenly shifts because then you really have to. You have to finally take the time to pay attention to yourself.

That’s what happened to us. We didn’t have a choice. We were both diagnosed with chronic diseases years ago and it rocked our worlds. We were forced to shift our focus to ourselves to stay ALIVE.

This work is so important to us because we don’t want you to get to that point.

We see it happening, like a train wreck in slow motion.  We need you to see it too.  That in all the spinning chaos, you matter.

It’s time to choose you. You need you.

XO Kelle and Nina 

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