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Honor Her.

May 17, 2021

Around 40 we notice it.

The years of play, work, celebration, hardship, triumphs. Sickness and health. Stress and delight. Wins and losses. 

We injure more easily, we can’t stay up as late, we need our doctors, we resist our wrinkles, dye the grays and ignore our achy bones.

We take on parenting and/or adulting, and all of the responsibilities that come with that. 

We eat pretty well and workout.

Between commitments.

We go-go-go and do-do-do.

And then it all catches up with us - all of it, at once it seems. 

We get so pissed when it disrupts us, when we actually feel it, deeply.

It’s been chasing us for a while now but we’ve ignored it’s whispers over our shoulder…

Listen. Please. Slow. Down. 

Honor her. 

Say no to them and yes to you.

For just a few minutes. 


 When serving them is easier than serving yourself, you know it’s time. 

When you're pouring tea from an empty pot.

It starts with just a small shift, daily. From the inside out. 

We’re here for you.

XO Kelle and Nina

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