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How do you know if you're ready?

Aug 25, 2021

 If you know us (and if you’re new to our world, hello!) you might know that before we were coaches we were both high-achieving women who kicked ass and hustled bell to bell.

We fell into this cycle:

Answering the calls. 

The emails. 

Responsive and reliable. 

No matter what.

We hustled harder than anyone. 

We were the reliable ones - the one our friends called with their one phone call. 

Rescuing. Hosting. Planning. 

Missing the flight. Booking the flight. 

Breaking the tough news. 

Being there no matter what - weekends, holidays. 

The first responder. 

The brick. 

Your problem is my problem, too. 

All the while sidelining ourselves because it was just easier to serve everyone else. After long enough it became automatic. Avoiding. Resisting. Reacting. 

We became completely disconnected from ourselves. 

Our integrity, intuition, and body wisdom. 

Our truths and desires. 

And our loved ones (oh the advice we’d give our former selves!). 

Then, we were diagnosed with chronic diseases. #WTF

We were stumped: how could we make so much happen around us — but not for us

It wasn’t until we found coaching that we discovered the answer: 

Girl, nothing’s broken here. You don’t need to be fixed (or constantly play the fixer role). You need to shift. To make different choices. Healthy choices. To take your life back. 

Taking care of ourselves in a really deep way was one of the best things we could do for ourselves and the humans we loved around us. 

We were ready to spend our time and resources on ourselves because our lives being better was worth it. 

Investing in coaching was about us saying out loud, I’m worthy. 

And finding resonance with a coach who’s been there makes all the difference. 

We help you slow your roll. 

Look for patterns. 

Recognize where you keep yourself from thriving. 

We’re real and direct. 

Firm and kind. 

Full of love for our clients. 

Even when it feels like we’re being tough (which we are ;)

We help you realize what you’re doing from habit and autopilot and let you decide if you want to change. 

We meet you on the couch with a mirror and reflect, help you connect the dots and create results. 

Coaches like us, who’ve been there. 

And are here for you. 

It’s such an honor. 

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