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I need a ME coach.

Jun 14, 2022

On a consultation with a new client last week, we asked what brought her to the call that day:

“I’ve been in GO mode for so long. I don’t really know. I don’t really know what I need…”

“Do I need a marriage counselor?

Do I need a mentor at work?

Do I need a parenting course?

Do I need a personal trainer and nutritionist? 

Do I need a vacation?”

“The common denominator I guess is ME. I’m not on a sustainable path. I need a ME coach.” 👏👏👏

Life coaching is about getting clear, crystal clear - on YOU. 

We meet you where you are (Point A).

We design your Point B (what do you desire?).

We create a plan.

And then we point it. We take measurable steps and goal set our way from Point A to Point B - with guidance and accountability.

Along the way, we help you practice a new way of being you - you at your best. 

And we rep that, you at your best, like Rocky reps bicep curls 💪

Want to create more ease, balance and calm in your life? Feel a little more kickass?

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XO kelle and nina

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