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The In-between.

Jul 28, 2021

Sometimes we need to be gentle with ourselves and sometimes we need to be strong. 

There’s so much in between. 

If you’re human, you get it: we have this insatiable need to please others, to do-do-do or go-go-go, to chase perfection and have all the things, all at the expense of our own well being. And over time, after years of avoiding ourselves - we start to notice it. 

Hustle. Burnout. Exhaustion. 

Years of force. 

This is when most of our clients come to us. 

They want help, are willing to learn and do things differently, but they’re scared to fail. All they know is hustle and pushing and force. 

Anything other than busy, productive, efficient and I’m fine I got it - is…. 

Slowing down. Gentle. Neutral (gasp!). 

Let’s be real: it’s actually just the in-between. 

When we attach ourselves too tightly to our work (or over-eat or drink or binge netflix) we’re avoiding the feels, the in-between. 

And we become disconnected from ourselves.

We live fully, in HD, in the in-between. We’re conscious human beings. Feeling our emotions allows us to connect mind and body - to connect to our self. 

This is where we play. 

This is where the magic happens. 

It's what makes a killer sandwich a killer sandwich. 

Mom, it’s nice to see you not working, as a client’s family put it. 

And it might hurt sometimes. It's super uncomfortable at first. But when we avoid or distract ourselves we aren’t living life to its fullest. We’re forcing and hustling and pushing. It’s exhausting. 

Where’s your pain? Start there. Allow it.

Let it ache. 

The point isn’t to avoid feeling, it’s to feel it all. Deeply. 

Let’s go there. Let’s jump in. Let’s reconnect.

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