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Let them be wrong about you.

Feb 02, 2024

We’re taught we should be nice.

Be polite.

Be bold, but not too bold. 

Be selfish, but not too selfish. 

Be ambitious, but not too ambitious.

We like to make people happy, to feel needed, to blow everyone’s expectations of us away - it gives us purpose. 

Until it doesn’t. We feel tangled up and confused about all of the shoulds - we can’t hear our voice in it all.

It’s probably because we put so much pressure on ourselves - we don’t want to let them down. They have expectations and we want to meet them, right?

But, are we doing too much? What is enough?

When we question it all and begin to make choices for ourselves - everything's wobbly, like we’re walking in four-inch Louboutins. 

It feels really shitty when we begin to say YES to US - mainly because of the feedback we get from the people who are inconvenienced by our choices.

AND this is our work -

To be ok with how they respond, 

To accept their thoughts about us without making it mean anything about us,

To let them be wrong about us. 

To value our own thoughts about us OVER their thoughts about us.

To inconvenience people in pursuit of OUR truths and values. So we can actually enjoy the life we work so hard to create.

This takes so much practice - it’s a huge part of the work we do with clients in our six month coaching program. 

Letting them be wrong about you isn’t what our brains are conditioned to do - that’s why it feels so hard, and why you need coaches like us to help you feel safe doing so. 

Coaching is the difference between listening to podcasts and reading our emails -


Actually implementing concepts like this and changing your life - with loving accountability along the way :) 

Stop lighting yourself on fire to keep everyone else warm. Schedule a consultation with us and let's talk it through. Link below. 

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