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Like Yourself. More.

Aug 29, 2022

Do you like you? Scale of 1-10. (Ten = You ♥️ you like you do your BFF)

Why? Make a list of what you like/love (this is important). 

How do you take care of you? 

If you liked you more, would things change? 

How you treat you? How you support you? 

On a hard day, after a long day, on a regular day? 

At work, at home, with your kids, next to your spouse, sitting at a stoplight, and everything in between? 

Would you be making decisive decisions, having the hard convos, saying no, showing up bigger for yourself and your people, and pointing it, with another-level self-confidence?

Like yourself. More.

When you stop over-serving, over-doing and not-enough-ing (on repeat), you become the woman who creates loving balance in her life, surfs her day bell to bell in flow, is joyfully participating in her relationships and feels unapologetic confidence in every area of her life - because you like you. She matters. 

And, she’s waiting for you. 

This is the key to actually enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to create. 

Like yourself. More.

Coaching with us for six months, we open up to what’s holding you back from that - 

We show you how to pay attention to yourself differently, fact check your perceptions, get real about your to-dos, and think on purpose to feel more confident and kickass in your life. 

Let’s go.

XO Kelle and Nina


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