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Monday Eve

Sep 19, 2021

How’s that Monday Eve low grade anxiety buzz?

You’re tired. Anxious. Already feeling guilty.

It’s the usual shit storm:

The week’s booked. You have to count on every stop light turning green to make it all happen.

And then there’s the asks. It’s like you’re everyone’s yellow pages. 

Just get it off your plate. 

Open loops are fails. Not getting it all done? Fail. Letting people down. Fail. Yelling at your kids. Fail. 

The eye rolls from your teenager- they seem relentless. You're  clearly doing something wrong. Fail. 

And then there’s that other human adult you cohabitate with- Ug, you can’t hold his hand, you’re holding your wine and your phone and your clutch - he’s so needy. 

You really should be happy. Dammit, you’re such a brat. 

You’d never talk to a friend the way you talk to yourself. 

It feels terrible — but it’s easy. 

If you’re being real, you feel worn down — but you can’t be worn down. 

You have to snap out of it. 

Nothing like a quick 20-minute sufferfest on the Peloton to get you back “on track”. 

But does it? Do you want to get back on THAT track?

Listen, we get it. We got you.  

Tomorrow can be different. 

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xo kelle and nina

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