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New Year, New Video! The Three Big Little Lies Keeping You Stuck

2021 goals moms new years stuck Jan 13, 2021

Maybe we’ll see life return to ‘normal’ this year, and maybe not.

Maybe the economy will take a turn for the better, and maybe not.

Maybe your kids will play sports again, and maybe not.

Maybe our world will be a safer, more positive place than last year, and maybe not.

But we have good news for you.

None of those things will dictate what sort of year you have.


None of them.

You will create your reality just as you’ve always done. 

Wait a sec, Kelle and Nina, are you saying I can get in the driver’s seat right now? Amidst all of the uncertainty, stress, anxiety and question marks? I have so much on my plate!

Yes. You. Can. 

What are you telling yourself to believe otherwise? To make you feel helpless and stuck?

Let’s check in here. 

Check out our new video, The Three Big Little Lies. In the video you’ll learn: 

What Three Big Little Lies are you telling yourself to keep you stuck? And, what are the Three Simple Truths you need to know to get unstuck?

We’ll clear a few things up, like:

What really is the problem? You should be happy... 

Are you living life according to your own hopes, dreams and expectations or someone else's? 

Do you keep putting yourself off until later? Like later is something that's guaranteed?

Is this the life you want to be living three, five or ten years from now? 

Let us show you how to clean up your mind so you can get unstuck, and create on the outside what you're craving on the inside. After the video, you can schedule a free mini coaching session with us by clicking the button. 

We love working with women who are ready to go all in on themselves and stop taking their places at the back of the line. 

It Starts With You. We can help. Click here to check out the video.

Happy New Year, we’re here for you!

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