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Oct 31, 2022

A new client was feeling a little off the other day.  It was right around lunchtime and all she wanted to do was lay down for a few minutes.

She brushed it off, because she had things to do. Anyway, she’s not a napper.

She powered through the day. Work. Pickups/dropoffs. Sports. Groceries. By the time she finally made it home, she was exhausted (more than usual).

She got out the thermometer. Sure enough, she had a fever.

For the smallest moment, she was happy about it. Now she had proof.

What she had been feeling since lunchtime was validated - she had a fever and chills. The thermometer was like her permission slip to take the rest of the night off.

Here’s the thing. She didn’t need an excuse or outside validation to rest. And neither do you.

This is what we lovingly offered her:

What if you stopped putting yourself on mute, amazingly kickass client? What if you considered listening to your Body Wisdom, instead of judging yourself for not doing enough? What if you considered putting yourself - your needs - first?  To care for yourself just 10% as much as you do the other humans in your life?

This is how we’re conditioned as women - from a young age we’re taught we can’t be trusted to know on our own what to wear, what our hair should look like, what to do with our money, who we should marry and when we should have kids, when we should eat, what we should eat, when we should rest and on and on and on. We need outside validation from the media, our peeps, social media, our family of origin, etc.

It makes decision-making extremely stressful when we learn to outsource our decisions, our authority, to the unpredictable humans around us. We learn we kind of can’t trust ourselves - we need to ask them, or it (the thermometer in this case!) for approval/permission. And we become completely disconnected from ourselves. Our truths. Our desires.

We suck it up. We push through. We keep it all in. Shutting it down doesn’t waste any time. Right, high-achievers?

We share this to show you there’s nothing wrong with you if you feel this way, if this story sings to you. And there’s NOTHING to feel guilty or ashamed about here.

It’s just that there’s absolutely another way to be, do and have what you want in your life - 

Balance, calm, self-confidence, connection - are so available to you!

If you choose.  You are ready. Schedule your consult below. 

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