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Our Secret Sauce - A Four Part Mini-Series To a Kickass Life

Sep 23, 2021

Ok we’re just gonna give it to you. Because this is what we’re hearing…

I’m so scattered and overwhelmed. Life’s chaotic - and I kind of need it to be chaotic to get things done. I’m snapping at the ones I love -  and others. It’s just go-go-go. I’m fueled by a low grade anxiety buzz, daily. 

I don’t get how I can make so much happen around me but not for me. And if I’m  being real? I need a workout, more energy, more connection with my peeps, and to lose some weight. That would make it all better. But I can’t find the time, and slowing down is not an option, obvi! I don’t even know where to start.  

I just need someone to tell me what to do! 

Listen, finding balance isn’t about rearranging your obligations. 

Losing the weight isn’t about the food you eat or how many workouts you get in.

Welcome to our 4As.

This is the backbone of our coaching. It’s the framework we walk all of our clients through to take back their lives, make decisions that serve them and move towards something that feels a little more kickass.

And it’s all yours - in four parts. Starting Monday.

Bring a beginner’s mind and some curiosity to this process - it’s our first ask of clients. Try this on. See how it feels. 

Because here’s the thing. Change is hard. It’s sooo much easier to just stay the same, do what we’ve always done - even though it feels crappy. To take the same route, and in doing so, get the same results (but at what cost?)  Our brains love comfort and safety! Our brains love FINE. 

Who wants fine? We want f*cking amazing. And it starts with our 4A’s. 

Ready to take back your life, make decisions that serve you and move towards something that feels a little more kickass? 

We’ll circle back Monday for your first step. Our first A. Awareness.

Xo Kelle and Nina

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