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Our weed plot

thoughtwork Jun 21, 2022

We decided to share a garden plot at the local community garden here in Park City. We thought it would be a fun, summery thing to do together and we looooove home grown vegs. Why not?

We made a plan to meet at the garden and plant - arugula, kale, basil, beets, carrots.  I was wearing white shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops - not exactly gardening attire but we weren’t going to be there long. 20 minutes? NBD.

In my mind I was picturing this perfect row of fertile soil waiting for us. Tilled. Rich and ready. We had mini shovels and rakes just in case we needed to clear it a bit.

When I showed up, Nina was already there. And she was standing in this JUNGLE of weeds. How many weeds were there?  A f*ckton.

Thick and rooty and unforgiving. TF.

We reluctantly started clearing and pulling. In the 100 degree heat. In my white shorts and flip flops. Full complain mode ensued. The weeds were so…weedy! Is this even the right plot? What a drill.

For 45 minutes, complain mode escalated into a complain campaign! The deeper we were in the weeds, the louder the ranting and blaming and whining. About everything - not just the garden plot! The heat, our hands, the unexpected sweat and mess, our husbands -

At that moment, a plot neighbor walked by and cheerily commented on how nice it was going to be once we were finished.  We were both like, ahhh.

We’d been so focused on all the ways this sucked instead of pointing our minds toward the beauty we were creating.

Can you relate?

Our human brains want to look for what’s wrong. We have to continually redirect it to what’s going well - and what results we’re creating for ourselves in the process.

This is thought work. It’s making little shifts in our thinking that make big shifts over time in our lives.

We can’t go from this sucks to this is fun!  Our brains call complete BS on that nonsense.  It has to be believable. It has to be practiced. And it has to be consistent.

This is how we change our thinking and create kickass results.

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