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I'm learning piano.

Dec 19, 2023

I’m learning to play piano.

I didn’t learn when I was young - we didn’t have money for things like a piano - we barely had enough for food and necessities. 

Now, like every parent - I want my kids to have everything I didn’t have.

My kids and I started learning piano together a few years ago.

We downloaded an app - 

We bought simple music books to follow.

We did it for a few weeks and then life got busy and it started to slip away. 


Because there was no structure or accountability.

We didn’t really know what we were doing. We were trying to read what felt like a foreign language, master 88 keys to play music on an instrument the size of a sofa - with an app on my iPhone.

I knew if we continued down this path of trying, we were eventually going to stop altogether. It was too complicated.

So, in January 2021 I hired a piano teacher.

Asking someone to help created possibility - and then more productivity. We started moving the needle.
He had a process he taught us to read music and play -- but also to understand music theory, the WHY behind what we were doing. 

Piano became uncomplicated. It all made so much more sense.

And piano - like many things - is practical. Seeing our teacher every week held us accountable to do the work and practice.

Now, we all play piano easily. We know how to read music, we know the keys, we understand why music is written the way it is, what intervals are, how to play chords and why they matter. 

We learned how to position our hands to play with ease, and where to sit on the bench so we can reach all of the keys. 

Here’s the GOLD: We learned so many things we couldn’t have learned from an app or the books. 

This is exactly what we do with clients in our six month coaching program.

We help high-achieving women just like you feel ease and calm - and ACTUALLY enjoy the life they work so hard to create. 

Our coaching process helps you learn steps to feel more empowered to navigate stressful challenges in your life. To move the needle on your deepest desires and beautiful ambitions. To make it all feel uncomplicated! 

Clients learn to:

  • Pause and breathe.
  • Feel more empowered to navigate stressful challenges.
  • Learn how to stop stressing and worrying.
  • Separate your self worth from your work / productivity / how much you get done 
  • Reduce anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Get time management tools for better planning.
  • Stop yelling and snapping
  • Set boundaries without guilt.
  • Make better decisions and live with fewer regrets.
  • Be nicer to yourself and treat yourself like you would a friend 
  • Move forward with more clarity and purpose

Our calendar is open for January - Schedule a consultation with us by clicking here if you want to feel better in your life, same time next year. 

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