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Your Ray-Bans.

Jan 02, 2023

 We love to impress, right?

It's a big part of why we busy ourselves. 

Why don’t we just do less? Stop taking on so much?

Why don’t we say “no” more often? Commit to fewer things? 

Rest. Relax.

Life could be so much more calm and simple.

It’s because we have competing desires. 

Both ways sound pretty killer: on the one hand we want to say YES! To do all the things. At the same time we want to hide out and cozy up. To say no.

What we actually find is, a lot of us (women especially) have a tendency to prove our worth through our do-ing and serv-ing and pleas-ing. Which overrides that desire for calm.

We tell ourselves and everyone on repeat, I've got it. The more we DO, the better we think we ARE. We love to impress.

And as we start to believe that, we create a habit of busy. Our bodies prefer it. It feels easier that way, uncomfortable otherwise. 

Until it doesn’t. Our tone is harsh and people notice.

Those feelings of overwhelm, irritation, rushing and resentment become our everyday. 

And taking a few deep breaths and reading that self help book are just that- breathing and reading. 

Which are helpful. But they don’t solve the root cause of our problem: the belief that the more we do the better we are. 

This is where we go in coaching. 

We help you question your beliefs - the quality of the Ray-Bans you see life through- 

And think about things in a way that makes you feel a tad more empowered, more kickass - 

So you can practice showing up from THAT place, on repeat, over and over again. 

And in 6+ months working with a coach - you create new belief, a different outlook, and a future that’s free of old, not-so-useful patterns.

You learn to clean up your thoughts and see your life through a clean pair of Ray-Bans. 

Bye bye smudges and blind spots. Coaching is your microfiber lens cloth. 

We’ve got one with your name on it! Schedule a consultation with us below!

XO Kelle and Nina 

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