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Resting or Laziness. You Decide.

Aug 12, 2021

We’re back! We just took some time off for vacay and family travel and it felt so good! We moved work to the side, we were present with ourselves and our loved ones and we rested. Now we’re so ready to jump back in! 

Tell us if this sounds familiar: You’re slammed from sunrise to sunset, getting it all done, crushing it and creating results. And rest? That typically doesn’t happen until your head hits the pillow completely spent most nights. 

Why do we run our schedules (and our lives) this way? 

Because rest is lazy. And who has time anyway?

We wanted to clear up the difference between rest and laziness.

When we googled “lazy”, it said “unwilling to work or use energy”.

Ok yeah, but how do we know if we’re being lazy or just resting?

Ask yourself: Are you proud of the results you’re producing in your life? 

If you are, then your down time is rest, it’s not laziness.

Laziness is resting first, before you’ve produced any results. It’s procrastinating, it’s distracting yourself. It’s not showing up as the best version of you. When you’re being lazy, excuses and explanations are required.

Rest feels different than laziness. When you’re genuinely resting, there’s no justification needed. You don’t have to explain yourself to yourself.

And your opinion of yourself is different. Are we right? 

We rest in order to get filled back up, to replenish and recharge so we can continue resulting. 

Think about it: You just ticked boxes and produced killer results, you can feel accomplished and psyched, so surfing the sofa watching Netflix feels like a spa day, right? The loops are all closed, the results you planned to nail this week are nailed, you’re present and energized and balanced. 

You get to luxuriate in this earned rest without anything on your plate.

Here’s where it gets tricky. Sometimes we don’t want to do something. We’d rather not. It feels hard. That’s completely normal. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy or there’s something wrong with you. It means that you’re a human.

And tribe, we humans can do hard things. 

But when you notice yourself resting before results, and that rest is hard to enjoy - like, you have this underlying anxiety from that itchy knowing that you should be doing something else. Like you’re avoiding something. Or escaping. You feel irritated about yourself and the results you haven’t created.

That's when you check in. 

When you’re shoulding all over yourself.  

You know us, we try not to do that 💩.

Pro Tip: Schedule rest like you would schedule any other to-do. Get it on the calendar!

This can look any way you want it to- get curious and find your own rhythm: We like to book our work and appointments back to back so that we result, result, result, result, result and then fully rest and relax and enjoy the remainder of our day.

Or you can create a result and then rest; create another result and then rest some more. And keep going. 

It takes planning. And then follow-through. Rinse and repeat.

Check in and see what’s true for you.

We’re here for you-

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