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Aug 31, 2021

Something’s got to change. I just don’t quite know what it is. 

Feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and frazzled — she didn’t know where to start. She did know that she was sick and tired of kicking ass for everyone around her but not for her. Putting herself first? Not a chance. 

Can you relate? 

What if we told you you can create the calm, flow, energy and connection you desire in your life without scheduling anything on your calendar or rearranging anything in your world? 

What if we told you it was about checking in on your tapes. The old cassette tapes in your mind circa 1984 that create your programming?

These tapes become our default after years of use and become our go-to place for problem solving and action. 

Like a soundtrack in our heads, these tapes rally us. They make us feel a certain way and drive us to take action. Until they don’t. 

My husband asked me once while we were skiing, What are you listening to? What’s your go-to

I pulled out my ear bud (walkman at the time) and said, Guess

Billy Joel? UB40 Red Red Wine? 

Um, no babe. Linkin Park. 

Linkin Park was absolutely my go-to soundtrack. And for a long time that tape rallied me. But then it didn’t. 

I wasn’t showing up in a way that made me proud at the end of the day. With my kids I was a ticking time bomb. In my work I was burning out. In my relationships I was demanding. And the results I was creating were completely isolating. I was creating so much division. And so much stress. 

Everything felt hard. 

And then I realized I could change the soundtrack driving my actions. Change the tape playing in my mind. Create my own mix tape. I had a choice how I wanted to feel and I didn’t want Linkin Park to drive anymore. 

So now I’ve got this killer playlist to rally to. And if I’m being real, Linkin Park is definitely still on there, it just doesn’t play a starring role. It’s not the lead act. There’s so much more. 

And that variety drives me to take action from a different place and makes my life so much more rich. Allows me to think and feel and act with more meaning and grace. 

Try this:

Check in on your headspace. Make a playlist. What comes up for you? What songs are driving you right now, to feel the way you feel, take action -- and create your results? 

Are they serving you? Do you want to change them? 

As coaches, we help you become aware of your tapes, what you’re doing from habit and autopilot and let you decide if you want to change. 

We meet you on the couch with a mirror and reflect, help you connect the dots and create results. 

We’re here for you,

XO kelle and nina

P.S. We’ve posted a handful of our own playlists in our Instagram stories. Check em out under "beats":

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