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The other day I was elbow deep in suds - what happened next was total bs

awareness Oct 01, 2021

The other day I was elbow deep in suds trying to get the sink clear of dishes. 

I turned to pick a bowl up off the counter that needed washing and in that split second my husband had taken over the sink to fill up a water can.

My first thought? TF, what a dick. Seriously inconsiderate. I’m doing the dishes here! 

Yeah my brain went straight to digging into the negative.

Obviously I was using the sink and then all of a sudden I wasn’t. 

I was standing there, arms still sudsy, seething. I felt the heat rising. I was this close to letting him have it. 

And then it came to me. I had a choice: how do I want to handle this?

I could choose to go off on him. Or see it for what it was. He was taking care of our plants.

Instead of losing my mind, I took the opportunity to instead say “hey babe” and give him a kiss.

This is what we call awareness. It’s being in the moment, not on autopilot (it’s the first of our Four A’s).

And it gave me (*us*) a completely different outcome. We had a nice evening together as opposed to the alternative. An icy night of adversity?

It’s like when you’re watching your kids and they’re actually getting along, giggling and playing.  Or when you find yourself in the African bush a few feet (seconds) away from being a lion’s snack. Or you catch a rainbow and take it all in.

It’s being where your feet are, feeling all the feels. Feeling alive in your life.

My brain wanted to get mad at my husband. And I chose a different path. 

This is coaching. We practice it every day. 

Awareness is one of our 4A’s - your secret sauce to living life on your terms! 

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XO Kelle and Nina 


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