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The secret to getting rid of mom guilt?

covid summer guilt kids mom guilt resentment Aug 08, 2020

Well, it's been one hell of a summer and it's not over yet.  And a lot of the women we're talking with are feeling it. We get it.

As women and moms, when we consider our own needs and try to make room for ourselves, we often feel guilty.

We feel guilty about spending time away from our kids, we feel guilty about spending money on ourselves, we feel guilty that we should be more productive. No matter what we do and how we choose to spend time, our guilt creeps in.

In fact, as I’m writing this, my son is playing by himself. You bet I feel guilty I’m not spending time with him.

But if I spend time with him, then I’ll feel guilty that I’m not getting my work done. No matter what I choose to do, I’m going to feel guilty.

And then that guilt turns into resentment or anger or sadness. 

Guilt shows up no matter what. And if we allow that guilt to take over, this is where we get stuck. We stop taking action and we stay where we are.  And when we stay where we are, we feel stagnant.  We see this all the time. 

Here’s the thing: the guilt never goes away. You have to manage it.  So the other option is to feel the guilt and take inspired action anyway. 

Remember, "it starts with you." What do we mean by that? You need to put yourself on your own damn to do list. Every day.

You've got this, mama. And no matter what, know this - you are doing an incredible job.

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