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Jul 04, 2022

Last week at the pool my son wanted to play frisbee. Sure.

Mom, will you come swim with us? You bet.

The old me would have been annoyed - I’d been going all day. I had just collapsed on the beach chair with a good book, ready to chill.

I should want to play with them.

I’d reluctantly get up and go through the motions until I could sit back down.

What that past version of me didn’t know is I wasn’t showing up in the way I wanted because I wasn’t showing up for myself.  I wasn’t giving myself any space.

Before I found coaching, I was sprinting through my days. Putting my head down, plowing through. 

I said yes to everything - even things I didn’t want to but felt like I should.  I thrived in chaos.  Who else was going to get it all done? It was all on me.

I probably would have kept going through life that way if I hadn’t been diagnosed with a rare lung disease.

I had to slow down. In slowing down, I learned to pay attention to myself in a different way.

Now I say yes to what I choose to instead of trying to meet all the expectations of myself and everyone else.

Answer for yourself:

What’s most important to me?

Am I putting my attention and energy where I want to be putting it?

Because saying yes to being present and spending more time with the people closest to me is way more important and interesting to me than completing my neverending list.

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