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Three Myths About Burnout

Mar 13, 2023

Did you know that women are more likely to burn out than men? And that burnout blocks you like a linebacker from the balance, energy and self-confidence you crave? 

So, in busting three common myths about burnout (below) we hope you’ll feel some relief knowing that you’re not alone, and that what you’re feeling has a name. When we can name it, we have a better chance of getting the help we need- and we can navigate it in a productive way.

Myth #1 Burnout is Obvious.

Burnout clouds our self-awareness - it’s the crash after we’ve been unknowingly running on empty for too long. We ignore the small signs because we can muscle through them - but they’re important alarm bells. Here are a few we’ve come across with clients: 

You’re on the edge of irritation all the time, You feel like you’re running on fumes. It feels like groundhog day - everyday feels the same. You’re saying yes when you could say no. A fever actually sounds kind of nice. You feel like you don't have choices,

Myth #2 Addressing burnout isn't urgent if you're not a dumpster fire.

As long as we can put one foot in front of the other, we’re all good, right? But because we’re in go-mode all the time, we create a habit of busy that prevents reflection and rest. The stress builds and the more space it takes up in our nervous system = the less space we have for our work, friends, family, and the world around us. Burnout is a pile-up of many, mini, self-betrayals. 

Myth #3 Burnout looks the same on all of us. 

There are different shades of burnout and we all experience more or less of all of them. We call them the Three F*s:

F* it. You’re so done. Emotionally exhausted and depleted. Nuthin to give. 

F* them. Zero empathy for colleagues and the humans around you, zilch. You’re disconnected and disengaged.

F* me. WTF is wrong with you? Your sense of accomplishment is in the toilet. You can’t do anything right. 

When you know how to prevent burnout, you’re happier. You’re a positive force in the world. You’re better at adulting: you’re a better friend, parent, caregiver, and role model. You achieve your goals faster. You feel confident in your ability to handle whatever life throws at you. And, you genuinely like yourself. Schedule a consultation with us to get started today.

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