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Unshakeable self confidence

self confidence Jul 19, 2022

I’m not a nervous flier.  But near the end of a flight last week it got pretty rowdy.

When I boarded this flight, I was super pumped. I don’t often fly private so this was a rare treat.  I was greeted onboard by two women pilots. Huge bonus. I had wanted to be a pilot at one point earlier in my life and aviation has always fascinated me. I asked if I could visit with them after takeoff.

Once we were in the air I took the jumpseat. Captain Susan and Captain Jennifer explained all about the control panel, what they were looking for in the sky (other planes, helium balloons, birds) and shared about their lives and careers.

Both were Captains with 30+ years in the cockpit.

Both climbed the ranks and thrived in an industry surrounded by men while raising their families.

And both had unshakable self confidence.

When you’re flying a jet at 501 mph, you can’t be in survival mode: you can’t let fear, chaos and scarcity take the literal wheel. You need to manage your mind and think on purpose.

When you have unshakable self confidence, you’re not questioning yourself, wondering if you’re doing it right. You’re not letting every bump of turbulence knock you out of alignment, out of integrity.  

You’re calm under pressure. Prepared. You make decisions efficiently and effortlessly.  You’re creative and curious - ready to problem-solve as needed.  And you’re present to actually enjoy the ride and your kickass life.

We finished our convo and I went back to my seat. So later while we were encountering what felt to me like a concerning amount of turbulence, I paid close attention to how they were handling it up front. Captain Jennifer must’ve sensed it and quickly shot me a thumbs up. We were all set.

We can all feel this way. This badass. This sure of ourselves.

Yeah, maybe we’re not captaining a jet. But we’re captaining our own lives. The stakes are just as high.

And that’s our mission. To show women how to manage their minds, think on purpose and drive their lives with unshakeable confidence.

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