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Vacation Mode. In 4 Steps.

May 27, 2021

Ready to downshift into the long weekend? Vacation mode R-O-C-K-S! 

But are we the only ones who feel like the loose ends from the current week always spill over into the weekend, lurking in the background, distracting us when we’re wanting to leave them behind and be present for the good stuff (#sundayscaries anyone?)?

Let’s do just that. Let’s leave them behind.

Staycation? Camping? Beaching? Visiting family? Just simply mowing the lawn? Let’s make room for what you want to do and feel this weekend now by cleaning up your brain. Clearing it for vacation mode. 


Step 1: Sit down somewhere quiet. Turn off your notifications. Give yourself 10 minutes at least.

Step 2: Write down everything that’s a to-do or open-ended from the past week. EVERYTHING. When you think you’ve covered it all, give yourself another minute (Floss! I need more floss!). 

Step 3: Look at your calendar for next week - it’s a short week! Schedule commitments and free time, 2-hour blocks of focus time for the big stuff, and time for life admin. What are your priorities? Make room now. 

Step 4: Follow through. All that’s left is for you to follow through. Next week is DONE. 

Your brain isn’t a hard drive, it’s a processor.

The more you leave open ended within it, the more it will process - over and over and over again. When it’s time for vacation or time away, decide how you want to feel and create space in your brain to create those feelings. Fresh vacation thoughts not leftovers from the week. 

We got a little bossy on Monday and asked you to experiment with a practice to help you shift away from autopilot towards intention (link to blog post here). 

And you might think that’s all fine and good for the work week, but living an intentional life includes your down time. 

This is when you serve yourself in all the special ways that make you YOU. 

Get out there, do you.

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