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Houston, we have a problem.

Jun 23, 2021

Listen, we're coming to you today with a rally cry. 

We're seeing something out there that keeps coming up. And now more than ever, future you needs you.

Think of your journey to that kickass future you want as a road trip. 

You need to put fuel in your car.

So many of us lean on force, shame and blame or willpower - we beat ourselves up and self-judge - to drive ourselves toward our goals.

And that may work short term, but it doesn’t sustain us for the long haul. 

Why? Because it feels terrible.

Negative fuel feels f*ing terrible.  

We need to switch the fuel to something that’s going to power us. That’s going to empower us. That simply feels kickass. 

When you feel kickass you create kickass results. 

That’s the secret to making it permanent.

Choosing the right fuel is the secret sauce on the journey to the kickass future you desire.

Take weight loss:

Ugggggg, my body.  

Everything looks terrible on me. 

I hate looking at myself.

I want to hide. 

I can’t stand this anymore. 

What’s the matter with me?

Come on, again?

Sound familiar? Beating yourself up. It’s exhausting. 

Pro Tip: Try Love. 

Kelle and Nina, stop. 

Love? That's so shmoopy, squishy, indulgent. If I loved myself I’d just sit around and eat cookies all day! 

Would you? 

When you treat yourself like a friend. When you bring in that feeling of love like you love your kids or BFF, does sitting around on the couch cranking Oreos really serve you? Make you feel respected, worthy, motivated, curious or optimistic?

That’s like the opposite of self-love. 

We have a love problem. A self-love problem. 

We’ve experienced it personally, and we see it all the time with our clients. Especially right now. 

We get it. We’ve been there. It’s uncomfortable and scary to go there, to look at the things you haven’t been willing to look at. 

But If we can do it, you can too. For real. 

Self-love has to be the fuel. 

We’re here for you. Are you here for you?

XO Kelle and Nina

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