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What if you CAN?

Nov 15, 2022

Of course you’re nervous about committing to coaching right now.

Of course it sounds overwhelming, the holidays are overwhelming as is!

They come around this time every year and it’s like a stress test for your physical, emotional and mental health- at home, at work, in your relationships. Every year. 

Here’s the thing, they come around this time every year. Without fail. So why are they consistently stressful? 

Why do we keep doing what we’ve always done, even though it's invariably stressful and overwhelming? During the holidays and in our lives? 

Because we tell ourselves we don’t have time to try to approach things differently. Have no idea how to. This is just the way it is. Change = Hard = Too much right now. 

We hear this all the time with coaching. What we actually find is, you might be doubting YOURSELF. Your abilities. Your **amazing-ness**.

You ask, What if I can't?

We ask, What if you can?

What if we just assume you’ll do it imperfectly, and you decide ahead of time that it’s ok if you skip a few days, if it gets messy and if you fail a few times. 

Moving through all of that is going to feel hard. And so is staying where you are right now. Stuck in another stressful and overwhelming holiday season. 

So, why wait? Why not give yourself permission to invest in yourself NOW so you can interrupt the pattern, be present for the holiday season and the life you’ve worked so hard to create -  with us as your coaches, supporting and guiding you along the way? 

The holidays can feel different this year, tomorrow can feel different. We’ll show you. Schedule a consultation with us by clicking here.

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