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What to do when you can't keep up.

Mar 27, 2023

 Here's what it sounds like when you can't keep up:

    • "Work is kicking my ass this week."
    • "Everyone in the room needs something from me."
    • "Every light needs to be green."
    • "I'm never done."
    • "This is so overwhelming."
    • "I can't keep up."

These thoughts can feel like facts, #true, but really they're just one optional interpretation your brain is making - how it’s labeling the circumstance around you.

It's just as easy to think thoughts that feel supportive and help you show up in your life in a more empowered way - more kickass.

When you notice your thoughts, you can question them, and change them. But you can’t change what you don’t notice.

Try on these thoughts to shift your brain’s focus and your results:

    • "My ass doesn’t hurt, it is actually fine. Work can’t really kick me. Calm down, brain."
    • "I will do what I can, one request at a time, and that is enough."
    • "I have the right amount of time to get it all done." 
    • "I'll get done what I'm supposed to get done." 
    • "I feel overwhelmed and that's okay; I also feel capable and focused, too." 
    • "I am keeping up, and yeah sometimes it's challenging AF, but I was made for this."

This is called thoughtwork. It’s the practice of becoming aware of how your thinking impacts your emotions, behaviors and the results you create in your life.

Your brain isn’t designed to create the life you want intentionally. It’s designed to keep you safe. We show our clients how to think on purpose to feel more empowered, more kickass- and create kickass results. To actually enjoy the life they work so hard to create. 

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