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Why are high-achievers often so unhappy?

Feb 08, 2023

For most of our clients, life doesn't look all that bad from the outside:

High-achievers are smart, ambitious, focused, and driven. They set big goals and take risks. They push and strive and achieve. They’re productive and “successful.”

They’ve built an incredible life for themselves, they don’t have a lot to complain about.

So, why are high-achievers often so unhappy? 

Because they’re using crappy, low grade fuel to drive them from finish line to finish line. 

They learn to believe that “muscling through” and kicking their own asses is the only way to get things done- it’s confusing because their work is rewarded by the world around them. This must be the cost of ambition

When they’re honest, they’re kind of allergic to feeling more content - wouldn’t that make them less productive and more “average”? So they create a habit of busy: constantly performing and achieving, they can’t turn it off. They overschedule, overwork, and over-do. 

Underneath all of this over-doing is the belief that they aren’t good enough. Smart enough. Successful enough. [Fill in the blank] enough. 

They won’t ever feel calm, present, content or fulfilled if they’re grasping onto this belief that they’re not-enough - on repeat. 

They will forever chase the bigger number in their bank account. The lower number on the scale. It makes perfect sense, right? 

We’re taught to change and grow by changing our actions. But no amount of meditation or breathwork or self-help podcasts will change this belief. 

Long term change happens on a deeper level. Like an iceberg, there’s so much below the surface supporting what you’ve created in your life. 

That’s where we need to go to get out of daily overwhelm, to work smarter not harder to achieve what’s most important, and to actually enjoy the life you work so hard to create. 

We need to see what’s going on below the surface that’s driving your actions and trajectory - and edit. Edit your limiting beliefs. And think on purpose. 

How you’re be-ing drives what you’re do-ing. 

This is where we start. You in? 

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