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Why You Need a Health Coach. Now.

Apr 30, 2021

Can we just say it? You need a health coach.

Clients hire us when:

  1. They've tried and can't do it on their own.
  2. They want to get there faster.
  3. They want guidance from somebody who has a system and has done it.

Because the peloton, botox and box of wine can only get you so far 😉 

We’re so sure our coaching will change your life, we guarantee our work:

After one month of our coaching, if you feel like you’re not moving the needle, we’ll return your investment in full. For real.

Whatever you’re struggling with - bring it! 

  • Losing the weight once and for all,
  • Reversing yuck and stuck,
  • Loving your body (yep, l-o-v-e), 
  • Stress / life satisfaction / nutrition / mind body health, 
  • Stepping in to what’s next...

It's not just about eating mountains of kale, how many workouts you squeeze in, and hitting up the latest wellness trends. When you feel stuck, you need to take a hard look at your operating system - look within - and update. That’s where we come in.

Let’s Create On The Outside What You’re Craving On the Inside.

Ready to get started? Here’s how we work:

  • To make sure we're a great fit for your needs, we start with a discovery phone call and answer any questions you have. If we're all pumped, you and us, we get started right away.
  • We coach clients one-on-one by application only, both of us together -- and it’s an absolute honor. 
  • We get to work with clients in three-month chunks - two coaches, three whole months - and it’s all about YOU!  
  • Dream. Discover. Design. Buckle up. Go! But first we get CLEAR. We clarify your starting point; dream and develop your Point B; and then we design a route to get you from here to there. You’re in the driver’s seat on this road trip, and we’re sitting shotgun - crushing Spotify.
  • Along the way, we peel back the layers and show you how to see and understand yourself differently, to take inspired action from the inside out, and achieve your desired results - with our accountability, guidance and support.
  • Experiments, homework, exercises, worksheets, pop quizzes included. Coaching is practical, and practice makes progress.

Our Guarantee.

After one month of our coaching, if you feel like you’re not moving the needle, we’ll return your investment in full. For real.

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