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Working Harder Doesn't Work.

Jan 30, 2023

You can outwork anyone. 

But working harder isn’t working. You’re doing a lot of things but not doing them well - and every light needs to be green to get it all done. Your tone is harsh and people notice.

You don’t need to work harder. You need to stop working so damn hard. 

But if you could do less, you would. Right? 

You’d be less frazzled. Less overwhelmed. Less reactive. You know this. When you’re not on the edge of burnout you do everything better.

You lead with confidence, patience and pride. 

You have the space to make better decisions.

You accomplish more in two hours than you once thought possible.

You walk through daily challenges at work and at home less triggered, less reactive.

You have more self-compassion, so you treat yourself and others with more kindness, grace, and less judgment. 

Your work is well-planned and highly-executed.

You leak less energy from anxiety, drama and chaos (our clients’ favorite C-word).

Calm, balance, ease and fulfillment are only available to you if you break old patterns. Not just what you’ve been doing on repeat, but what you’ve been thinking and believing - what are you telling yourself you have to do? Why? 

You are a superwoman. But you don’t have to be a super-f*ing-exhausted woman. They need you. You need you. 

Less is more. We’ll show you. Schedule your consultation below.

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