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You're not sure why.

Jul 12, 2021

You’re not sure why. 

But it keeps happening. 

We all do it.

We over-.










Why do we over-?

Most of the time we feel terrible after we over-. No one wakes up the morning after saying, I’m so glad I had those extra margaritas last night! 

So why?

Because it’s indulgent. It makes us feel good in the moment. 

And we f*ing love to feel good. 

The short term hit of pleasure lights up the reward center in our brain. And with repetition, it becomes practically involuntary to NOT over-... 

When we over- we learn to hide from what it feels like without. We only know with

And without becomes hard. Too hard. Impossible even. 

But can we be real?

Without is actually just you being with you. 

Real, raw, amazing, beautiful, tricky, messy, imperfect, difficult, kickass YOU. 

Instead of over-, let’s get curious about what we’re really needing.

What truly feeds us, satisfies us, nourishes us, empowers us, in the moment and beyond.

Being not doing. 

Feeling not distracting.

You with you.

This is why the quick fixes don't work. We can't just take action, we need to unlearn behavior patterns and thought patterns.

Want to learn more? We made you a short 15-minute video about over-eating. Watch to see:

  • Why we over-eat in the first place (pssst: it’s our brain);
  • Why it doesn’t work to beat ourselves up; 
  • What does work;
  • The four step process we use with our clients to finally stop over-eating and feel amazing in our bodies.

Less can be more. So. Much. More. 

We’re here for you. 

P.S. Oh, and the video link above is about over-eating but this work applies to over-[you fill in the blank], too! For real. Check it out here.


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