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You are the asset.

Nov 10, 2022

Think about what’s most important in your life. 

Why aren't you on that list? 

You make, create, care, work, earn, organize, serve, lead and accomplish so much. For everyone around you. 

If you thought of yourself with importance, as an Asset, how would you show up for yourself? Manage your time? Make decisions? Invest in yourself?

It’s tricky though - we’re praised most when we care for ourselves the least, right? Then when we notice this and wake up to our desire for more, we have a hard time actually doing it:

Giving our time and energy to things that are for us, our own benefit; 

Investing money in our own REAL health, happiness and fulfillment (we ♥️ Botox but it can only get you so far); 

Making decisions from our own conviction and self-worth (instead of from his, theirs, hers, or that).

But if you believed you were The Asset, it wouldn’t be hard. You’d be making sure your needs were met daily because you’d BELIEVE you were important. The flow of your life would work in your favor because you would set it up that way.

You’d be Protecting the Asset. 

When we first meet clients, this concept feels really uncomfortable. But here’s the thing: everything you’re wanting in this amazing life lies on the other side of DISCOMFORT. 

Moving forward is going to feel uncomfortable and we promise, staying where you are in your life will, too. 

This is what our six month coaching container is all about: guiding our clients through layers of discomfort that they might otherwise avoid in learning to Protect the Asset. It’s how they start to actually enjoy the life they work so hard to create. 

Listen, it’s time to value YOU.

Tomorrow can feel different. We’ll show you if you’d like. Schedule a consultation with us here. 

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