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You need to but you don't know how to.

Jul 11, 2022

When you sink into your beach chair with a yummy book, does your agenda pop up like those “Accept Cookies” notifications? 

You want to relax, toes in the sand, but you literally don’t know how. Why?

Because you’re the queen of efficiency! You’ve been in a rush for the past 20 years! 

You’re so used to hustling for everyone around you, being non-stop productive, doing the most for your family, working out 5x per week and keeping your chill along the way.

While you tell your friends all the time they need to slow down, taking your own advice? Hell no!

Your brain thinks slowing down is risky (esp. with everything you have on the line). It judges rest as lazy. No plans Saturday night? Rejection. Down time and calm? Depressing. Asking for help? Weak. 

This way of thinking is called survival mode. There are four states:

Fight: Nervous and anxious, you literally can’t relax. You overthink. You feel frustration maybe anger. You’re reactive and hostile. Your body is tense.

Flight: You’re jumpy. When you’re not doing you’re thinking about doing, running through your never-ending to-do list. It's hard to sit still because you’re always “busy”. 

Freeze: You numb and space out, scroll IG or YouTube to feel better. You’re disconnected. You withdraw.

Fawn: You give up your own needs and comply to feel safe. You people-please (it’s just easier that way). You don’t have solid boundaries. You over-apologize. 

When you’re constantly in survival mode, you aren’t playful, calm, present or curious - let alone creative. 

Without noticing, you fall into a rut. You lose connection to yourself, your body, your values, your people. Your joy. Everything is a chore. 

You’re afraid of what you’ll find when you slow down. So you don’t. 

How do you shift out of survival mode? To restore and recover so you can show up on purpose, feeling kickass at work, in your relationships, as a parent, in your body, for yourself?

By managing your mind. Practicing thought work with a coach helps you become aware of how what you’re thinking (on repeat) drives your behavior and your results. You learn to think on purpose to bring in more ease, calm and balance and actually enjoy your kickass life. 

We have yet to meet a woman who feels like she gets enough rest, downtime, and pleasure in her life. 

We’re changing that. We're here for you. 

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