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Your power play.

Jun 15, 2021

Our power lies in our ability to make decisions. 

As our business has grown (thanks to our awesome clients!) we’ve had to get really good at making decisions and making them quickly.

We love making decisions. Decisions put us into motion. They free up our energy and give us momentum to keep going and live our kickass lives. 

Making decisions isn’t about right or wrong, good or bad. It’s you choosing what you want and living your way into that without caring what other people think. 

Giving zero f*s. 

But Kelle and Nina, I can’t // don’t have time // money // strength // energy // will power. I don’t want to make the wrong decision. Let him/her down. I just need to wait. 

Here’s a story: 

I worked in PR for 15 years. I was really good at the work and kept saying yes to new business because it was easy and I could help people and I was making bank - not because it brought me joy or fulfillment or challenge. It all looked kickass on paper but I was burning out from all the empty “yes’s” I was committing to. 

One day I said no. I forwarded the new business to a colleague and was bombarded with opinions - why aren’t you taking this business? You should follow this through! You should try! You can’t stop now! 

I couldn’t justify my yes’s anymore. I needed to make decisions on my terms, not everyone else’s shoulds or opinions. Letting go of the security, the consistent pay checks, was not an easy decision.

But letting go helped me realize I wasn’t really holding on to anything in the first place. 

And easy doesn’t always open you up to a kickass life. 

I just had to choose a reason to stay or go - and like it. 

My reason?

Because I wanted to. 

Mic drop. 

I left PR because I wanted to. It was enough. And it’s still enough. It’s always enough. 

It’s the same with weight-loss, creating healthy habits, and putting yourself on your own damn to-do list - 

We can decide we don’t want to do the work to lose the weight and stay in shitty discomfort unchanged - overeat, over-drink, under-exercise, under-appreciate; your brain wants to stay the same, it’s the safe and easy thing to do! 

Or we can decide to do what we have to do to lose the weight - watch what we eat, exercise, all the things. 

Either way it’s gonna be uncomfortable. 

It’s a choice: discomfort staying the same or  discomfort changing for the better. Resulting. That’s powerful :)

Your life is a reflection of the decisions you make. Your health is the same.

So here’s your homework: Make the call. Say yes or no. Close the loop. 

All your power lies in your ability to make decisions. 

Let’s get bossy. In the most kickass way.

Because you want to. 

XO Kelle and Nina

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