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Show up as the mom you want to be. For them and for you.

Hey Kelle and Nina here. We get it, we got you, you just feel so out of control sometimes - like a ticking time bomb. Words come out of you. With volume. And you scare your kids. You feel so ashamed and guilty. And it happens over and over again. 

Listen, you’re amazing, there’s nothing wrong with you. That graceful, badass, beautiful mom is in there. You just need to get unstuck - for them and for you.

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Let’s be real: Mom life is haaaard!

If it was easy, dads would be doing it 😇 Here’s the secret: You’re not the problem. Your kids aren’t the problem. Let us show you the truth and solve the problem once and for all with our Yell Less Play More method.

Make Momming Not Suck

What does Yell Less Play More mean?

It’s about bringing in more of what you do want and less of what you don’t. More connection and less guilt. More laughter. Less clench. More grace. Less perfection. More truth. Less exhaustion. More self love. Less resentment. More understanding. Less obligation. More ease. Less shame. More meaning. More abundance. More inspiration. More You. You’re so worth it.

It's all in the video. Watch How To Yell Less and Play More HERE.

This video will rock your world with two huge take-aways:

  • The first: we’re going to tell you the truth about why you yell at your kids (it’s not what you think);
  • And the second: we’re going to share the first three steps of our Yell Less Play More method to get you on your way to yelling less and playing more TODAY.
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You blow up at your kids when you feel out of control, and that starts with your thoughts.

You need to clean up your thoughts. We care for our bodies by eating healthy, drinking water, and working out. But what do we do to clean up our minds? Nada.

Let’s be clear, we’re not asking you to grab a cushion and start chanting in your zen den. 

Hell no! We’ll show you how to become aware of thoughts in your head, how those thoughts create your feelings and how those feelings make you yell. We break it all down in the video👇. Our method will have you showing up differently in one part of your life, and then another, and another. 

It took years to distill what we’ve learned into a step-by-step method that will change your life, and it’s our mission to share it with all the moms everywhere. Because moms run this freaking world.

Watch How To Yell Less and Play More HERE.

Here’s why you need our coaching:

  • You deserve it.
  • Future-you needs you. Your kids need you, and the collective needs you.
  • You want personalized support, guidance and accountability every step of the way. 
  • When you want to create change, it’s usually not a knowledge gap - you KNOW what needs to happen - it’s a mindset gap. We’ll help you bridge the gap 👋
  • This isn’t how you want to be living one, three, five years from now.
  • What is it costing you not to? To stay the same?
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Here’s how we work:

  • We coach clients one-on-one by application only, both of us together -- and it’s an absolute honor.
  • We combine our “we get it” with our coaching psychology credentials, and a playbook of curated strategies we use personally, into a Vitamix blender, et voila! It took years to distill what we’ve learned into a step-by-step method that will change your life.
  • Our coaching is rooted in thought work. Long story short: your thoughts create your feelings, feelings dictate your actions, actions create your results - Give that a think 😉 We call it the Thoughts/Feelings/Actions Loop (#nerdalert). 
  • Our method helps you create on the outside what you’re craving on the inside. Want to feel yourself showing up differently in one part of your life, and then another, and another? We can tick that box 👊.
  • We work with clients in three-month chunks. Any HGTV fan knows: you have to break a situation down to the studs before you can renovate in a sustainable way - we can’t remodel our kitchen on top of our kitchen! So we do a little demo work, guide you through the un-becoming, so you can start becoming!
It's all in the video. Watch How To Yell Less and Play More HERE.

And here’s why we’re the best coaches for you: 

  • Moms are our jam. Our method is flexible and accessible. Simple but powerful. Concise and practical. We got you! 
  • We’ve been there, we’ve done that - well, maybe not THAT! But trust us, we’ve tried it all on, Mom. Judgements and all. You’ll feel the difference working with someone who gets it. 
  • We’re not armchair life coaches, we’re credentialed. Our methods are science-backed, evidence-based, and mom-specific.
  • Play is a huge part of our vibe. You gotta have a little fun every damn day.
  • We love collaborating with women who want to go all in on themselves. When you choose yourself, everyone one wins.

P.S. Kelles's the blond, Nina's the brunette :) 

Check out our vibe. It's all in the video. Watch How To Yell Less and Play More HERE.

Take It From Our Clients...


“Working with Kelle and Nina was one of the best decisions of my life."
They start by listening. REALLY listening! You feel comfortable sharing your personal struggles because they are sensitive, attentive and empathetic. They also have the incredible ability to structure and make sense of your struggles which helps you prioritize objectives and weed out the negative. It feels like a therapeutic deep cleansing of your brain and thoughts - amazing! The goals you set are realistic and they hold you accountable. This technique proved to be unbelievably effective for me during one of the most challenging times of my life. 



“I’m finally unstuck"

I came to Kelle and Nina because I was so tired of crying in my car disappointed by the way I was reacting to my kids and my stress. I thought I was doing every thing I could do with the time and energy I had, but it wasn’t until Kelle and Nina guided me through their method- they get it guys - that I finally felt in control.


Jen B.

"I don't have to put on an act anymore."

The personal journey Kelle and Nina went on with me one step at a time helped me find me. Their personalized approach gave me real life tools to help me have a relationship with myself and better connections with others. This was hard because doing something for yourself as a mom is counterintuitive. But enjoying your life and ensuring your own happiness and feeling all the variations from the inside out permeates to others and suddenly life is not so intense and arduous. I don't have to put on an act anymore. The feeling is real. Seize the day. 

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