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Our Biggest Fail Yet.

Apr 19, 2021

 When was the last time you failed? Like, you set a big badass goal, shared it with your friends and family, worked your butt off to make it happen… But it didn’t, and your hopes for something bigger/better/more were crushed? 

This just happened to us. Yep. Big time bummer.

And we could’ve given up. 

Part of us wanted to. 

But instead. 

We doubled down. We coached ourselves like we coach our clients. 

It took some time to feel the feels and fails and come out the other side, and now that we’re here, we don’t have any regrets. Zero. It feels pretty badass to have this behind us and still see so much ahead of us (see our recent blog posts on badassery to catch up!). 

Because in setting big badass goals, we’re forced to show up in a bigger more badass way in the pursuit - and winning or losing becomes a by-product. 

We’re making this sound really easy, but it wasn’t. How’d we get through it? How did we get back on the rails? We had to go back, waaay, back, and revisit our Why. 

Why do we coach? 

We became coaches because we needed to save ourselves. We were each diagnosed with chronic diseases and all the experts told us there wasn’t a cure (click here for Kelle’s story and here for Nina’s story).

It was really scary. We’re both athletic women who are used to kicking ass but we were forced to slow down big time. And we felt like our bodies let us down. We each had to take our health and our bodies into our own hands, with urgency.  We needed to understand ourselves and pay attention to ourselves differently.  Instead of working out, we had to start working in. 

We already knew how to eat well and exercise, we really needed now to focus on our mental and emotional game - we needed to condition our minds like we were used to conditioning our bodies. 

In coming full circle with our coaching it just feels so right. This is how we’re meant to help and serve: 

As coaches, we’re so pumped to help smart kick-ass women like you who workout and eat pretty well but still feel stuck in a body that doesn’t respond. We’ll show you how to condition your mind like you condition your body so you can live that kick ass life without anything holding you back. 

Because the peloton, botox and box of wine will only get you so far…

And let’s be real, who doesn’t need three months of coaching?

What’s your big badass goal? We got you. Work with us.

 XO Kelle and Nina 

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